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    services to improve the business performance

    11.08.2021 16:13

    Low migration costs: If the telecom sectors (customers) are not satisfied with the cloud service, it is quite easy to migrate to a new solution by simply signing a new contract, transferring or migrating data, and retraining the customers at minimal costs.Service -mobility: Cloud services can be...

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  • faster data access and exchange

    02.08.2021 14:05

    With cloud services, employees can access the same resources while working remotely that they could access while working from the office. Thanks to cloud technology, employees can now work within the comfort zone of their homes and get work done seamlessly. Mobile devices make this even more...

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  • fast-changing IT landscape

    30.07.2021 08:58

    organizations need to rethink network architecture and design strategies to drive digital transformation. It becomes quite critical to align network capabilities in accordance with the changing business requirements and modern topologies. In this light, some of the expectations from Intelligent...

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  • hardware and network connectivity

    28.07.2021 10:14

    Slow and dated machines can cost 30 minutes of staff time a day, this equates to 15 days a year. As a business owner you can really see the impact of this when multiplying by the wage bill! In addition to this, slow machines really annoy your workers during stressful periods.  
    ConnectionThis is even...

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  • Internet based telephony solutions

    27.07.2021 11:37

    Internet based telephony solutions have many advantages for businesses. They can be more cost-effective, simpler to install, and more flexible than analogue or digital versions. Be sure you don't miss out on our exclusive VoIP systems promotion which offers an excellent yet affordable way into the...

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  • Integrating all digitized channels

    22.07.2021 11:06

    With the new infrastructure, comes the responsibility to hire new talent and to train existing employees. IT and Business leaders must both be involved in creating a cohesive training program to benefit their transformation efforts. 
    The training and expertise provided to existing employees will not...

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  • Prolific spam calls have given rise to the development

    20.07.2021 09:27

    Nearly half of illegal calls rely on VoIP technology. That’s because non-fixed VoIP numbers are generated easily—sometimes requiring nothing more than email confirmation—and don’t need to be linked to an account holder’s address.
    Caller ID information can be spoofed, offering anonymity or aiding...

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  • Services You Get with a Managed Firewall Solution

    19.07.2021 09:56

    Another cost factor you should balance when considering a managed firewall solution is what it would cost you to manage the firewalls your company needs entirely in-house. Cybersecurity experts can be costly to hire, onboard, and train — with salaries easily reaching six figures a year before...

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  • what your field service technician

    16.07.2021 13:05

    The contact center agent or remote expert can see what the customer is seeing in order to provide live assistance and guidance. Think of this stage as remote “eyes” into the situation. For example, an agent can ask to see the customer's router and explain that a cable is plugged into the wrong port,...

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  • digital transformation due to the swift emergence of IoT and 5G

    14.07.2021 10:46

    There are 3 billion internet users around the globe. Billions of these users prefer smartphones as their primary internet access point. With smartphones now helping users manage important tasks in their lives, consumers are looking for high capacity networks that promise faster access to...

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