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    Singapore VPN - Free, Fast & Secure

    17.02.2022 06:27

    Singapore VPN is Free, Fast & Secure VPN Proxy app

    Singapore VPN - Free, Fast & Secure is the top Android apps with over 1000000 download from Google Play.
    This is the popular product of DroidTechSoft.

    APK file size of this app is 14M, and we suggest you use the Wi-fi connection when download to...

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  • LogicSketch

    18.01.2022 11:56

    Download now: LogicSketch
    Logic Sketch - (also known as 'nonogram', 'griddlers') is logical puzzle game.

    Logic Sketch has many size of games.
    From 10x10 to 30x30!!
    Problems of various sizes, a total of 1290 logics are available.

    If you make a mistake with the Undo button simply can go back to the...

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  • Tile Magic

    30.12.2021 09:58

    Download now: Tile Magic

    Match 3 same tiles to solve challenging puzzles. It's easy at the beginning and as you progress you will face a lot challenging levels. Game always need good logic and strategy to solve levels. Once you master the skills, you will enjoy the exciting game


    How to Play:

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  • Overhead Kick

    21.12.2021 12:07

    Download now: Overhead Kick

    To the overhead kick to match the timing.
    This app is a new football(Soccer) free game.

    To determine the direction by dragging.
    And release to match the timing.

    Overhead Kick is the top Android apps with over 500000 download from Google Play.

    This is the popular...

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  • Download Log Transporter Tractor Crane 1.0 APK

    08.10.2021 12:24

    Do you like to play heavy farm and construction machinery? Log Transporter Tractor Crane is for you. Be a heavy crane operator, loader and tractor driver.
    Log Transporter Tractor Crane is a driving simulator perfectly designed in real jungle environment. Drive your crane through mountains and...

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  • Download Modern Frontline Mission 1.2 APK

    05.10.2021 13:11

    Modern Frontline Mission is a new first-person sniper game.
    The city is full of criminals and terrorists. Let us guard the city and take action to eliminate the terrorists and restore the peace of the city.

    Ready to enter the battlefield and the evil terrorists confrontation. You are an elite...

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  • Download Numbers Game Math Brain Puzzle 2.0 APK

    01.10.2021 13:01

    Numbers Game - countdown 6 number addictive math puzzle, strategy game and brain training

    The aim of Numbers Game! is to reach the target number using any of the 6 numbers and operators + - x ÷.

    Work your way through 6 albums with...

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  • Download Christmas Animal Hair Salon 2 3.0.30012 APK

    28.09.2021 12:22

    Christmas Animal Hair Salon 2 now with new crazy winter makeover adventures for girls and boys!
    Four very hairy and fluffy pets - reindeer Rudolf, Pomeranian puppy Pepper, baby bear Chloe and giraffe Rachel - have a new friend. It's Santa Claus! Help them get ready for Christmas: style hair, fur and...

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  • Download Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense 20.32.571 APK

    20.09.2021 10:53

    Get ready for modern battles to defend your islands against evil invaders!

    Your team is consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things.

    Deep in the conflict between you and evil invaders. Protect your freedom and liberty.
    Fight in tropical islands, mountains and...

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  • Download Offroad Jeep Hill Climbing 4x4 1.3 APK

    16.09.2021 11:01

    Embark an offroad jeep hill climbing racing 3d and get ready for a 4*4 off road racing open challenge. Drag 4x4 jeep, suv, other multiple vehicles, conquer the titles of hilltop racers and stuck your name in legend offroad history. Bump and flip over the hills, rocks, and bridges. avoid havoc in...

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