Saudi Cement

A regional pioneer in the manufacture and supply of high quality clinker and cement, Saudi Cement forms a vital link in the industry's supply chain, having supported many construction projects in the Middle East for more than half a century.

Strategically located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ,  an area rich in high-grade raw materials, Saudi Cement is the leader in the Saudi cement industry in terms of efficiency, quality and profitability.

Since its establishment in 1955, this joint stock company has been enjoying consistent capacity expansions and profitability.

In 2008, Saudi Cement achieved one of the most important milestones in its history with the installation of two new production lines with a combined capacity of 24,000 tons of clinker per day.

This expansion, widely considered to be the world's largest at that time, increased Saudi Cement's available capacity to an average of 8 million tons of clinker per year, elevating the Saudi cement industry pioneer to a unique position in terms of economies of scale and production efficiency .


  • Cement Clinker
  • Sulfate Resistant Cement (SRC, Type V):
    Complies with ASTM C-150
  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC, Type I):
    Complies with ASTM C-150

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Southern Cement

The cement of the southern region was established in accordance with the provisions of the current Saudi corporate system as a Saudi joint stock company on April 27, 1399, specializing in the manufacture and production of cement and its derivatives and its aftermath, and the capital paid after raising (1400,000,000) riyals.

The cement of the southern region is one of the largest cement companies in the middle east, where it has a number of (3) factories in both jazan and asir region and mecca region and a production capacity estimated at (32,000) tons of clinker per day, and the grinding capacity is estimated at about (40,000) tons of cement per day.


  • Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Sulphate Resistant Cement

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