A wired or wireless connection can be used to connect an HP printer to a computer. As a result, we have described in this post how to connect an HP printer to a wifi network and a USB connection for Windows and Mac operating systems.


Steps for utilising a wifi secured setup to connect an HP printer to a wireless network

It is essential to connect your printer to the same wireless network as your computer in order to establish a wireless connection. Therefore, keep reading to understand how to connect an HP printer to a WiFi router:

• To turn on the HP printer, first press and hold the power button.

• Click the right arrow on the HP touch screen, then select the setup option.

• From the Network Menu, choose "Wireless setup wizard" at this time.

• It will look for a nearby wireless router access point.

• Choose your "Wireless Network ID" from the list that is presented now.

• A password will then be required. Press "Done" after entering your wireless password and the network's WEP and WPA passwords.

• To validate the wifi settings, press "Ok."

• Your HP printer will be linked to your WiFi network once you've finished these procedures.


Using the WPS button to connect to an HP printer over wifi:

The WPS technique may also be used to set up printers on a wifi network. For setup instructions, follow the steps listed below.

• Put your printer close to your wifi router first.

• Next, hold down your printer's wifi button for 5 seconds until the wireless light begins to flash.

• Next, wait roughly two minutes or until the connection procedure starts while pressing and holding the WPS button on the router's inline WPS symbol.

• Hold off until the printer's wifi light (bar) stops blinking. The printer is now linked to your wifi network, as shown by this signal. Your "HP printer won't connect to wifi" problem should be resolved as a result.

Additionally, you can go to the next part to find a solution for "How to connect HP printer to Wifi with Windows or Mac computer" after successfully setting up your printer on a wireless network.


How To Connect An HP Wireless (WiFi) Printer To Windows in Steps

Learning "how to connect HP printer to wifi" on a Windows system is pretty simple. Just carry out the following:

• Turn on your Windows computer, HP printer, and WiFi network.

• Verify that the PC and printer are correctly connected.

• Then, use the instructions in the aforementioned section to connect your HP printer to your wireless network.

• Right now, launch your PC's browser and navigate to 123.hp.com to download the HP printer driver.

• Select your printer model from the list.

• Select the download link. Once the download is complete, double-click the driver programme and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the PC installation process.

• Next, use the Windows search function to get to the "Control panel."

• Next, select "Devices and Printers."

• Select "Add Printer" in the next box that appears.

• A list of HP printer models will then show up on your screen. Click "next" after selecting your model, then wait until setup is complete.

• Your Windows computer and HP wireless printer are now linked.

Therefore, you may resolve the "HP printer is not connecting to wifi " problem on Windows by following these instructions.


The 'How To Connect HP Wireless (WiFi) Setup on MAC OS' instructions should be followed.

How to connect your Mac device to an HP Wifi printer is covered in this section. Just adhere to these simple guidelines:

• Turn on your Mac, HP printer, and WiFi network.

• Next, check that your Mac is properly connected to your printer and wireless router.

• Make sure the HP printer is connected to the same WiFi network as the Mac (refer to 1st section of this writeup for instructions).

• Next, go to 123.hp.com/dj and select the option for printer driver download.

• Next, instal the necessary driver software on your MAC by following the guidance provided by the HP Easy Smart App.

• When the installation configuration is complete, enter the "Apple Menu" and choose "System and Preference".

• From this menu, select "Printers and Scanners," which is where you may add your HP printer.

• To add a printer, click the plus symbol in the "Printers and Scanners" box.

• A list of printers will now appear. Click "Add" after choosing your HP wireless printer from the list.

• Your printer will be connected at last, and the issue with your HP printer not connecting to wifi will be fixed.

These are the measures to take if your HP printer won't connect to your wifi network.



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