Mobileblooddrawservices professional and reliable team members pride oneself within the quality of their work. They pride themselves in their adherence to requirements for timely collection, delivery and handling of the specimens. We are the leader within the home blood draw services in North Texas. Mobileblooddrawservices, provides on-site blood collection services within the convenience of your home or office. Mobileblooddrawservices, provides highly skilled, certified phlebotomy technicians (techs) come to your location and supply mobile lab services. We deliver the specimens to the labs so you do not need to .

All of our Certified phlebotomy services Technicians carry a mobile centrifuge in their cars. This helps assure we get quality specimens. We take great pride in our specimens and need our patients to possess accurate results.

Our mobile laboratory service is out there for people , doctors, skilled nursing, assisted living facilities, Special needs children and adults, home health agencies, and Hospice companies. we will offer you the assistance you would like from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

We are changing the way people believe phlebotomist's (lab techs) and laboratory services one patient at a time.

Unfortunately, most national corporate labs have developed a really poor reputation among doctors and patients alike. Lost specimens and indifference to patient care and luxury are common complaints. Painful, bruised venipuncture sites, multiple needle sticks, and nervous and hurried interaction are the results of inexperienced and transitory staffing at these laboratories. If you've got special needs; difficult veins, needle phobia, anxiety, repeat testing (standing orders), we will help make getting lab tests done easier , convenient, and worry free.

Services include:

Special Needs,Stat Draws,Routine Draws ,Critical Timed Sensitive Draws ,Fasting Required Tests,Timed Antibiotic Testing,Cancer Screening,Thyroid Testing, Cholesterol Testing ,Glucose Level Testing, Medication Level Testing, Specimen pickup and delivery services,Clinical Trials,Medication Levels, Home-bound Patients, Assisted Living Facilities,Nursing Homes, Home Health Agencies,Concierge Phlebotomy Services or for patients who just don't need to drive to the lab.

Most insurance companies don't buy Mobile Phlebotomy Services. However, we'll leave you with a receipt to send into your insurance firm for reimbursement.

Payment fully must be rendered at the time of service. generally , laboratory testing fees are covered by most insurance companies. However, Mobileblooddrawservices isn't an insurance firm pre-approved provider and operates on a flat-fee payment schedule.

We accept Visa, Master Card, debit, cash, and private checks for your convenience. For companies that want to contract our services on a daily basis we will set you up an account and invoice you for our services.

All payment is due at the time of service. Call or use our contact page for Quotes: It might be more counting on the space we'd like to travel. we'll provides a discounted rate to companies who have multiple blood draws, Home Health, Hospice, Etc.

To schedule a home visit please fill out our contact form or give us a out in : 703-689-1585

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