How To Sew These Button Snaps And Hooks?

Buttons and hooks are easy to be found in the modern form of dresses. It helps a lot in adding more beauty and elegance to the dress. If you have the best sewing machine for beginners then you totally can attach the buttons or anything else with the help of it.

You may find it hard to get started but don’t worry, here comes some tips for many creative ways to adjust what you want without revealing them.

Sew buttons with a sewing machine

Sticky Way:

How can you solve the problem when you have no thread or needle around while having to adjust the snap? The most important note here is that they should not be revealing.

The answer is sticky glue. You can use any glue or fabric glue to stick the snap. Use glue under the shoulder strap to cover up the accessories. Make sure to use fabric glue if you don’t want to destroy your fabric.

Sew By Hand:

This is the most common method. A good sewist can attach buttons, snaps, and eye buttons to the fabric by hand for both polished and pro results. You can also sew the buttons and other closures with a sewing machine.

The hand sewing method is the most reliable and easy way to attach closures to your shirt or the back of the gown. Keep practicing! You will master these skills soon. And don’t forget to check for what is a good sewing machine for beginners buying guide, which is good for you!

Use A Sewing Machine:

Let’s learn about another effective method. A sewing machine can totally help you with this button problem. Firstly, remove the feed dog from the sewing machine in order to let the button touch the needle directly. A credit card is useful here if you want to block the feed dog.

Machine sewing buttons

You will find it not easy to adjust the settings of the sewing machines while trying to attach buttons. But don’t give up, all you need to keep in your effort. This method is really effective in case when you want to attach many buttons at once and don’t have enough time for hand sewing. The sewing machine is born to solve our problems in a quick way.

Thread-Chain Eye Method:

This method is highly recommended in attaching closures. You need to prepare the thread chain eye when the delicate fabric can’t tolerate the weight of the closure.

Prepare the loop by double thread or single thread. Next, analyze the thread and check for how much can pulling and pressure the garment take. Keep making the loop until it is strong enough to be a closure in the fabric.

Use Metal Hooks:

Besides using an easy-to-use sewing machine for beginners, using the zigzag stitches may be the best way for you. Metal hooks are heavy and strong. It should be stitched with heavy fabric. If you apply metal hooks to delicate fabric, then it can damage the whole appearance and your work will be in trouble.

You can use a garment flat to check the position of the hooks before stitching it with the fabric. Remember not to let these closures revealing in order to keep the beauty of your dresses.


Closures have to be not only beautiful but also strong and reliable. Depending on each kind of closure, you will choose a suitable method to work it out. Prepare for yourself the best sewing machine for beginners and master all of the sewing skills. Have a good day!

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