People can get too dreamy when it comes to the idea of finding a soulmate, women especially.  They say not everyone gets to meet, much more, be together with their soulmates.  Attracting true love and winning a lifetime commitment can then only mean unequalled happiness.

This is why you have to prepare yourself. Have you examined yourself lately? To find your soulmate, you have to find yourself first. Know that there is no soulmate secret. All you have to do is be the best version of yourself. It sounds easy, but not really. It requires conscious effort.

Think of it this way.  You have your set of criteria when it comes to your ideal partner.  Most of those in your list are probably traits that you already possess.  Or perhaps you think you do but not really.  Your goal now is to be the person who meets your own criteria.  Think of these as values that you will later on share with your partner when you finally find him.  Notice how people say their soulmates are their perfect matches because they share the same interests, ideals and overall outlook in life.

Next, if you want to be loved, love yourself.  Pamper yourself, do the things that you want, open yourself up to the world.  Do what you love and surround yourself with all things beautiful.  Maintain a positive and happy disposition.  If you keep on doing this and eventually find yourself asking again, “How do I find true love?” look no further.  You have found your answer.  With such vibrancy in your life, you are now ready to fully manifest.

Whether you are still young or single at 40, when you push yourself to have a full life, you realize that you can be on your own and the world is still a happy place.  The “idea” of love does not begin with another person.  It begins within you.  You discover who you are and you find that it creates true love for you.  Remember, though, be patient.  The process takes a while and you need to pour all your heart and soul into it.  All the best to you!

How to Find Love through Online Dating

Check out chambers of commerce, work, common friends, even classifieds.  There are several channels through which you can meet people.  Some time ago, I looked into online dating.  Social networks and dating sites are venues to find your true love.

Loveawake dating site experts offer some things to keep in mind to successfully find love through online dating.

  • Objective. Take note that while others online are wasting time on hookups, there are young and friendly and single at 40 folks who are actually online to find true love.  You are one of them.  Use online dating as your tool towards your objective of finding yourself the match that you want.
  • Personal Profile.  When writing your profile, keep in mind the Law of Attraction for love. Put in there your interests and hobbies.  Display as much honesty in the way you describe yourself in your profile but remember to be creative so as to leave a bit of intrigue that will want to make a a prospect ask for more of you.
    Your profile is your bait and good bait attracts a good catch.
  • Getting to Know.  Putting yourself out there requires some level of trust and a positive outlook.  When your profile starts to get attention, it gives you more chances to be attractive. You take it to the next level as you try to know each other better.  You start off sharing mundane stories and later you will find yourself engaging in deeper conversations about your ideals and the future lives you want to have.
  • Meet ups. Instincts will tell you whether you want to meet someone already.  If you have gotten to know the person for a considerable amount of time and trust is established, you can again take it to the next level.  If this is the person that suits your vision of true love, meet ups will allow you to do the things that you want together.  It will mean more conversations that will make both your intentions and your needs crystal clear to each other.

With the right personal disposition and reasons, you can find love through online dating.  You can use it as a stepping stone towards true love.  When you keep yourself open to all possibilities of attracting true love, finding it should not be such a problem.  Feel free to reach me and we can talk about how to find true love.

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