Castle keeps, royalty, magical kisses.  You, in your quest for the perfect relationship, tend to have your judgment clouded by stories of happily ever after.  True love is not a picture of damsels in distress but that of women in control.  Say goodbye to your frustrations and know that you got the power to manifest true love.

BE.  A string of never-ending dates and failed relationships can get you lost.  You can be attractive to men in the beginning but then find yourself losing control in the end.

The first step you need to take towards true love is to go back to your core.  Forget about dating for a moment and refocus all your energy.  Just BE.  Let yourself take priority.  Ward off negative vibes and attract positive chi.  You are a woman who knows what you want.  You are oozing with confidence.  Dig deeper, remember who you are and just be.

DO.  If you have a tendency to breakdown and find yourself falling short of expectations, take a breather.  Know that you are a woman who knows how to sustain loving relationships.

Knowing your true self will let you take the next step towards true love.  Be truly inspired and get the admiration that you deserve.  Believe this and there will be no more undue sacrifices and compromises.  Because you are completely at peace with yourself, you now have the power to just DO.  You now have the power to wisely prioritize someone else without forgetting yourself.  You pass the positive chi on to another.

MANIFEST.  As they say, you do not go looking for love.  Love finds you.

No more scrambling.  No more expectations.  Only hope remains.  You now realize what has been long-awaited.  A content being can only attract another content being.  No more confusion, no more uncalled-for mistakes.  It is time to just MANIFEST.  You can now say that you are pleased and ready to please your man.  The day comes and you realize that true love is knocking on the door.

Forget fairytales and their false notions.  Throw away the obsession with the question, “How can I find love?”  Remember, your essence dictates the actions you take and the events that occur afterwards.  Be, Do and Manifest.  Reflect, make changes and attain the love that you truly deserve.

The Top Ten Tips on Dating for Men

Having trouble finding a girlfriend? Are you still single after 40? Chances are, there are areas for improvement in your dating strategy that can easily be polished. Here are 10 practical tips from Alex Wise, a relationship coach and CEO of Loveawake dating site, that are guaranteed to increase your success rate.

1. Be punctual. Nothing sets a good first impression like showing that you respect her time. It also reflects that you are an organized and responsible person: 2 traits that women look for in a reliable man.

2. Be a good listener. Keep in mind that genuine communication involves taking turns. When she talks, you listen. And when you talk, she listens. Finding a girlfriend involves creating a comfortable connection where the needs and expectations of both parties can be shared and understood.

3. Be respectful of her privacy. While it is true that showing interest in her life is encouraged, do avoid asking personal questions as it might make her feel uncomfortable. However, if she volunteers to share any with you, remember step #2 and be a good listener.

4. Be realistic. Treat your date as a real person with her own unique personality. If you intend to not be single after 40, don’t expect her to behave in a particular way. Just enjoy the moment and have a good time.

5. Be focused. Remember that she is your date for the evening. Avoid getting distracted by anyone else’s presence as this will send unfavorable signals to her and ensure that you will not be getting any subsequent dates with her.

6. Be positive. No one wants to hang out with a whiner. An important part of successfully finding a girlfriend is keeping your conversation light and pleasant. Avoid complaining about your life, as this will just dampen the mood and give her the impression that you’re no fun to be with.

7. Be confident. Women feel more secure and comfortable in the company of a man who is self-assured. Never act needy, as this would come off reeking of desperation and is a definite turn-off.

8. Be humble. This might sound contradictory to the previous tip, but there’s a subtle difference between being confident and being arrogant. In other words, don’t brag about yourself. Allow your good qualities to show through your actions instead of your words.

9. Be a little mysterious. Women enjoy figuring out for themselves tidbits of what makes a man click. Never reveal everything about yourself during the first date, be a little bit of a puzzle. If you allow her the opportunity to find out who you are for herself, she would be more inclined to see you again for future dates.

10. Be a true gentleman. In all the tips on dating for men, this one is the most important, yet the most commonly overlooked. Regardless of whomever you interact with, show good manners at all times. Pay special attention to how you act around the doormen, waiters and waitresses. Little things like these speak volumes about your character and guarantee that you’ll leave a good impression on her.

With these tips on dating for men, you won’t be single after 40 for long! Finding a girlfriend need not be complicated. Just treat her right and be yourself, keeping in mind the 10 pointers discussed in this article. Above all, always remember to have fun!