Poker is a game of skill and requires attention for you to rock the winning hands. Moreover, you need to understand the best Holdem Texas hands in poker for you to stand a better chance of making a winning hand at poker.

1. Pocket aces.

This is a strong pre-flop favorite over the other two cards and the reason it should excite you rocking them. However, the likelihood of making a win with pocket aces becomes high with a few players - however, the more the players, the lower the chance of making a win.

2. Pocket kings.

These are favorite against other cards except aces. Pocket kings have several nicknames like cowboys and others depending on the region the poker is played in. pocket kings raises your chances of getting your money using pre-flop.

3. Pocket queens.

Also known as ladies. When dealt with a pocket queen, you should be excited that you will get your money only if the deck remains with eight or lesser over cards.

4. Ace-King suited.

It is an excellent combination to stare at, but which does not make a win easily. With ace-king suited, you need to connect with a flop to stand a chance of making a win. Failure to make this connection, you will end up having only an ace-high.

5. Pocket jacks

Also known as brothers. With a pocket jacks, you need to be extra careful and skilful to make a win by going before any opponent raises a hand. It remains a strong hand only when the pot is unraised. Your skill and attention to the moves will make you make a win with the risky pocket jacks.

6. Pocket tens

Also known as tension, it is a strong hand to start with a real poker classic. However, if the opponents have a lot of action before you, it becomes easy to fold ten before the flops.

7. Ace-Queen Suit

It's easier to stay safe with an ace-queen even when you miss the flop. It is a strong hand to start with as it even against an off suit ace-king due to its strength.

8. Ace-king suit.

An ace-king is a weaker hand against its ladies ace but still stands a chance to win at least 40% of the time against the other hand except for aces and kings.

9. Ace jack suited.

You can make a flush with an ace-jack suited, but it requires a careful move to make a win. Moreover, if you had an early raise, you need to make calculated moves to win a flush.

10. King-Queen suited.

Also known as marriage. With this, you may be able to make several straights and flushes. However, it would help if you were careful with what the opponent moves suggest in entering the pot.