While owning a home can be a good thing, a wonderful experience. It's important to check all the boxes before signing off on that deal. One of the boxes you need to tick, is having the right set of lawyers. Lawyers who would go through your agreement with your lender, give you legal advice when needed and most importantly, save your home from being foreclosed even before it happens. Estavillo foreclosure lawyers are the best at this. They guarantee the safety of your home, and even if your first consultation wasn't with them but you're faced with imminent foreclosure, with just 15 minute free phone consultation, they can save your home without you gaining weight because of stress!

Estavillo foreclosure lawyers

We are a team of experienced lawyers dedicated to offering legal representation to people whose homes are being foreclosed on and to people who predict foreclosure in the future. Our team works with experienced forensic auditors who observe the necessary checks and balances on your loan. We are the best at what we do. Our success rate is 90%. We've saved homes that were almost sold hours away. We believe everyone has the right to stay in their home, without fear of loosing it. We are dedicated to our clients, we respect and understand their situation and map out intelligent ways to deliver them from their predicament while maintaining the safety of their homes. Only Estavillo foreclosure lawyers can grant you such closure you need.

Free consultation

If you're facing foreclosure or you fear your home might be foreclosed, all you have to do is just pick up your phone and call us for FREE 15 minute phone consultation and your problem will be solved. Sounds too good to be true right? Estavillo foreclosure lawyers are different from their contemporaries, most of our clients have given testimonies on how they've been able to save their homes by just contacting us. We have a personalized approach to our clients and we offer the best service at a small firm prize. Beautiful right?

If you're worried about your loan or inability to pay up, and your lender's not being responsive after you reaching out, then you can't do better than contacting Estavillo foreclosure lawyers. Keep in touch with us at info@estavillolaw or call us on (510) 982 3001, (888) 982 0599

We've given legal representation to clients in Napa, Sacramento, Sonoma, Alameda, San Joaquin, San Francisco, Marin, etc. Most of our record winning cases were against Bank of America, Aurora loan services, Jp Morgan Chase, US Bank, and so much more.

Conclusion: If you want to save your home or prevent foreclosure, call us now. We're 15 minutes a call away!

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