If you are the type of person who usually wears a watch on a regular basis, then you would be aware of the fact that it is to be maintained and serviced from time to time. This will not only sustain its life but also prevents you from facing any kind of huge expense on serious fault in it. Here are some of the basic tips and some of the things that must be in your knowledge.

These have been clearly mentioned by the top-rated watch repair service company. If you will follow them, then you will not have to face any kind of issue in working on your expensive watches.

Cleaning on a regular basis

• The luxury watch repairs service clearly recommends its users to have the regular cleaning of their watch. Every mechanical thing is required to be cleaned for maintenance on a regular basis. Otherwise, it will face hindrance in working.

• The best thing that can be considered considered for cleaning it gently is to have the use of baby wipes. If you want to consider the use of water for its cleansing, then make sure that it has a water resistance capability. People who follow this tip claimed that they hardly face any serious technical issues with the watch.

Check on batteries

• The watches basically function on the battery, which is the reason their battery is to be checked from time to time. There are different types of batteries available as some have a long life while others get drained in a very short time period.

• It is the duty of the watch owner to have a check on batteries and make sure that replacement is done; otherwise, it may face short aging problems. You should not forget to look at the sealing if your watch is water-resistant because the encounter of batteries with water is not a good thing.

Things to be avoided to prevent serious damage to watch


If you are a person who conducts cleaning of a watch on your own, then luxury watch repairs suggest to prevent the use of chemicals for cleaning. The items like perfumes have chemical content, which can damage the layers of your watch and makes its appearance inappropriate. So if you want to maintain your life for a long time, then do not ignore this measure.

Don't be an expert

You should not think to become an expert and open the watch by yourself. It is because the luxury watch repairs service has a specific environment in their workshop, which is ideal for the watches. Opening it in an inappropriate place can get it to expose with the dirt and moist which can take serious spots inside of your watch.