You can build an all-level support team in-house by reassigning and upskilling your staff or hiring new people. Otherwise, you can cooperate with a support vendor who will assume the full responsibility for the support arrangement and management, quality of the results (in accordance with the agreed KPIs) and related risks. If you don't have the experience or time to establish and coordinate complex support processes or don't have the required skills in-house, this option deserves your attention. Here's a quick checklist to choose a good outsourcing partner for app support. A reliable vendor should ensure:

  • Long-term commitment.
  • On-demand scalability.
  • Established security.
  • Cooperation terms flexibility.
  • Structured, tailored communication.
  • Specific skills on board if required (field knowledge of financial, eHealth, industrial and scientific apps, transactional applications, etc.).

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