The Forbes article from a couple of years ago called Cyber ​​Security, "the fast-growing job with a huge skill gap." The article cites an ISACA report that predicted a world shortage of two million Cyber ​​Security professionals by 2019. And here we are in 2019, and the situation is only getting direr. In the US alone, 40,000 Cyber ​​Security analyst positions go unfilled.
In terms of cyber-related crime, Cyber ​​Security Ventures also predicts that the annual costs of cyber-crime damages will increase dramatically, going from $ 3 trillion in 2015 to $ 6 trillion by 2021. spending is predicted to reach over $ 1 trillion cumulatively.
Although countless companies are hiring Cyber ​​Security engineers, these ten companies lead the pack in Cyber ​​Security professional hiring.
BAE SystemsSymantecCheck Point SoftwareLockheed MartinFireEyeAmazon (Amazon Web Services) MicrosoftIBMCiscoCyberArk SoftwareWhen taken all together, these forecasts paint a promising picture for anyone interested in becoming a Cyber ​​Security engineer. It's reasonable to call Cyber ​​Security engineering (and related positions) a "recession-proof career."
So now that you know what a Cyber ​​Security engineer does, what they do, and how secure the career is, you no doubt are curious about how to become one. We've already seen the list of prerequisites for becoming a Cyber ​​Security engineer, as well as how many responsibilities they have. Thus it shouldn't come as a surprise that it takes the right amount of planning and a lot of work to become one, though it '

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