Tips You Could Use:

  1. Outline a topic. Once you decide on a topic which has to be relevant to the present world, an outline is prepared highlighting different arguments and solutions to a problem. At this stage, your thoughts on the subject would suffice, but you have to ensure it is logical and balanced with a finite sequence of events. This would form the basis for detailed study further on.
  2. Noting down all possible connections would show you a pattern for further detailing. As you do it, your knowledge of the subject comes to the fore and builds confidence.
  3. Use all possible research tools available for tackling a problem highlighted in your topic. Several opinions can be taken from eminent financial personalities and reference from different sources like
  4. Prepare a model. Any solution you suggest should be based on a financial model. This forms the hypothesis for predicting various outcomes.
  5. Your thesis could be based on corporate finance. The corporate world makes decisions trying to satisfy shareholders, generate funds for project costs, and create cash flow. A delicate balance exists between these crucial elements which regulate industry. How a financial expert uses borrowed funds to satisfy shareholders and fund projects is a study in itself and makes for interesting reading.

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