Men's dress shirts are a staple of formal attire, and men's custom dress shirts that are tailor-made will give you the confidence and comfort of knowing you look your best. There are many fabrics to choose from when you customize your shirt online. What fabric do you wear?

Argentum - Large Floral Print

A bright and cheerful floral pattern that features soft pinks, reds, and yellows. The print is made up of many small petals and small leaves.

Shirts with this pattern look great paired with a pair of dress pants or a suit. They work well at the office or for an important event.

1. Poplin / Broadcloth Weave
2. 100% Egyptian Cotton
3. Light - Medium Weight
4. 2 Ply - 110 Thread Count

La Palma Lux Lavender Grid

Dyed with a light purple tone, the La Palma Lux Grid is a subtle alternative to a solid color dress shirt. This handsome pattern features a grid of thin lines, which are outlined in thin white trimming. The background is dark purple.

This shirt looks great paired with a suit or dress pants for an important event at the office or in any formal setting. It works well for everyday wear when you want to add an air of sophistication without being too flashy.

1. 100% Egyptian Cotton
2. Light - Medium Weight
3. 2 Ply - 100 Thread Count
4. Linen / Cotton Weave

Exeter - Olive Green Melange Flannel

A subtle olive green, the Exeter is a great versatile color for casual and business wear. The pattern on this shirt is a subtle jungle green color.

This shirt works best when you wear it with jeans or a pair of khakis for a casual look at the office or to go out on the town. When wearing it with one of your favorite pairs of dress pants, you will have a classic formal style that still looks modern and stylish.

1. 100% Egyptian Cotton
2. Melange Cotton
3. Medium-Heavy Weight
4. 40/1 Cotton + 40/1 Flannel

Charcoal Pique Knit Melange

A subtle charcoal gray color, the Charcoal Pique Knit features a subtle pattern of small black diamonds. You can dress this shirt up or down, depending on the rest of your outfit.

This shirt works well with dress pants or shorts when you want to look casual yet still get noticed for your good taste in fashion. It also looks great paired with a pair of jeans while out on the town for an evening out with friends, while wearing it with a suit at work will give you all smile since it will have that professional business look that pops.

1. 100% Egyptian Cotton
2. Lightweight Knit Weave
3. Polo (Knit) Fabric
4. 2 ply / 100s

Melrose - Blue Gingham Flannel Melange

A deep navy-blue gingham pattern that is dyed into the fabric. Finishing off the look is a subtle bright white trim on the edges of the pattern.

The Melrose shirt works great for work or play. It looks great paired with a pair of dress pants or a pair of chinos at the office or for an important meeting. Paired with jeans, it will give you that casual look that is also stylish.

1. 100% Egyptian Cotton
2. Medium weight Flannel Fabric
3. Melange Cotton
4. 80/1 Compact + 40/1 Flannel

Final Thoughts

The right fabric is essential to achieving the look you want for your custom dress shirt. Our fabrics are soft and comfortable, and they feel great against your skin and body as it molds to your frame.

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