How do I cancel my China eastern flight?

If you do not wish to travel on your scheduled date with China eastern airline and want to cancel your reservation, then continue reading this article to get the answers. But before moving forward with the cancellation steps, let's look at the cancellation policy of China eastern airlines first.

Cancellation policy of China eastern airlines

  • Passengers can cancel their flight at no extra cost if they do the process within 24 hours of booking, as for China eastern airlines policy.

  • A cancellation fee or penalty is imposed on the flight cancellation after 24 hours of booking.

  • If the passenger is canceling a non-refundable flight, they cannot get any refund.

  • The cancellation fee on your flight reservation depends on the time left and departure and ticket condition.

  • The cancellation process can be done manually through the official website of China Eastern Airlines through the customer support executive.

Flight cancellation process

Once you know about the  China eastern flight cancellation policy, it is very easy to identify whether you are eligible to get the refund or not. Get to know about the cancellation process by following the steps as follows:

  1. Launch the Official website of China eastern airlines.

  2. Now go to the manage booking section, enter your ticket number, name, then click on the manage booking button.

  3. Your flight details will display on the following page; navigate the cancel button and click on it.

  4. Follow the on-screen procedure to cancel your flight reservation.

  5. You will receive a confirmation on the registered mailing address.

Based on the discussion above, passengers can never get confused on  can I cancel my China eastern flight after booking. If you have any problem with your booking, cancellation, refund, then feel free to connect with the customer support team of China Eastern Airlines.