TARC Tripundra, a new residential development by the eminent Anant Raj Corporation, is now stealing the heart of the end-user. By providing luxurious fully furnished homes it has created an utterly opulent setting for you to experience the opulence right from your home.
If you are very concerned about your new home and want everything to be neatly done at a single address, then this new development will surely exceed your expectations. Undoubtedly, every day at TARC Tripundra Delhi is a celebration of the myriad of updated features.
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It is a sprawling development of 2.95 acres which has been cleverly executed with high end developmentWell lit, well ventilated and fully loaded 3 and 4 bhk apartments that are tastefully designedAllowing customization and offers to choose the layout of your home10'3 "floor-to- floor height is carried in each unit to create more spaceThe 6'6 "wide balcony and sun-deck options are wisely allocated to provide extra space to relax bar, gym, yoga center and many more entertainment plansYou can have your own private mini theater on the terraceYour kids can spend time at the playground with their peer groupIf you have a pet,Vikas has allotted a professionally maintained pet grooming centerCo-working space and a well-stocked library have also been allottedYou are safe at Anant Raj Tripundra 7D Security Complex, smartly allocated to serve a hassle free campus

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