The study of a new material from a textbook is often carried out in the form of selective reading of individual passages for the purpose ofself-assimilation / and descriptive questions.In this case, the teacher's presentation of the material alternates withthe students' work on the textbook.• When studying new material, it is often necessary to turn to a brief reproduction of the topics covered earlier. The main method in such cases, as a rule, is however, it often does not have the desired effect, since many students cannot alwaysremember and recall the material they have passed. In such cases, it is better to use self-standing work with textbooks.• Working with the textbook in no case should takethe whole lesson. It must be combined with other forms and methods of teaching. So, after working with the textbook, it is necessaryto check the quality of assimilation of the studied material, give exercises related to the development of skills andfurther deepening of students' knowledge. And when talking to a student, do not forget to ask him two questions: "Does the textbook help you become a person?", "Become a better person?".The examples given show that independent work with write my dissertation by services and students with a textbook on the assimilation of new material asa teaching method requires the teacher to have his knowledge and practical mastery of various techniques of its organization.Methods of educational work on the development of skills and application of knowledge in practiceIn the process of education, the development ofstudents of the skills and abilities of applying the acquired knowledgein practice.The method of exercises. Its essence consists in the fact that students perform multiple actions, i.e. they train (exercise) in applying the acquired material in practice andin this way deepen their knowledge, develop appropriate skills and abilities, as well as develop their thinkingand creative abilities. From this definition it follows. thatexercises, firstly, should be of a conscious natureand be conducted only when students understand andthey will assimilate the studied material, secondly, they should contribute to further deepening of knowledge and, thirdly, promote the development of creative abilities of schoolchildren.

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